5 Staffing And Recruiting Trends To Consider In 2021

5 Staffing And Recruiting Trends To Consider In 2021

Thanks to the recent pandemic, every industry and staffing company have gone through some repercussions that affected their recruiting and maintaining staff resources. The whole unpredictability of the situation has become so intolerable that recruiters had to come up with new staffing methods to hire people to keep them working and maintain their productivity. Here are some of the effective staffing trends for you to consider in 2021 to overcome the challenges put forth by disagreeable situations: 

  1. Remote Work Opportunities 

Covid-19 has proven to be the biggest obstacle for regular employees to go to offices. Nothing has become more important than protecting themselves from this virus, so everybody started showing interest in remote jobs. Turning jobs into gigs and doing them at the comfort of home has shown great results. It is estimated that India’s economy will be worth over $400 billion due to remote work gigs by 2023. 

  1. Flexibility in Job

The dynamics of jobs have been altered in recent days to facilitate employees with flexibility in the job. This change involves employees being recruited based on comfort like their shift, incentives, paid time off, and benefits like healthcare, internet, phone bill, and commutation coverages.

  1. Role of DE&I

Staffing requires diversity in methods but also diversity in people recruited. The role of recruiters in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) is quite huge. There is a bigger chance of people being hired if the company visibly shows a commitment towards DE&I and is pretty transparent about it. One of the recruiting agencies that have a record of contribution in this category is Tektree.

  1. Changes in Compliance

Change in compliance is considered as one of the trends followed by HR personnel to hire people today. With the destruction caused by Covid-19, nobody is ready to work under simple terms, so it has become mandatory for companies to be agreeable on factors like an increase in the minimum wage, paid sick leave, worker scheduling, etc. 

  1. Social Media as Hiring Platform

Being active on social media has proven to be very useful for companies to bring light to their requirements in the workforce. People are making profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to make hiring posts to notify job seekers of vacancies.


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