Aerospike is the next-generation NoSQL data platform providing low-latency key-value stores in partnership with TekTree Inc.,

Aerospike is the next-generation Real-time data platform providing lowest latency with predictable performance at any scale,with industry-leading uptime, requiring up to 80% less infrastructure.

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Aerospike’s patented Hybrid Memory Architecture enables us to improve the speed of integration, providing enhanced access to databases in near-real-time.

TekTree inc., leverages Aerospike’s key-value solutions to enable multiple use cases for its customers, targeted at low-latency delivery that enables efficient operations in an evolving operational landscape with rapidly growing data volumes.

Architecture Overview

TekTree Professional Services

Our Professional Services makes it easy for enterprises of all sizes to plan and implement their Aerospike database deployments. 


Our team will help you develop a comprehensive training and implementation plan tailored to your deployment goals.


We offer migration tools, functional testing, end user training, and best practices for developer enablement.


End-to-end deployment services include production migration, final QA, go-live monitoring, end user training, and more.


Our experts will help you monitor, analyze, and optimize your deployment to plan for future expansion.

The Aerospike Real-time Data Platform

The Aerospike Real-time Data Platform enables organizations to act in real time across billions of transactions using massive parallelism and a hybrid memory model to ensure the smallest possible server footprint. It ingests and acts on streaming data at the edge and can combine edge data with data from systems of record, third party sources, data warehouses, or data lakes for operational, transactional, or analytical workloads – all in real time.

Leading businesses rely on aerospike to act in real time and serve as the foundation for their future.
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