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The Internet of Things is a network that links to smaller devices that are designed to exchange data. It can be anything from an actual place to things being used by people. The way it works is by using small objects known as sensors, which can collect data about their environment or other factors without any sort of human interaction. At Tektree, the data collected by the sensors are then analyzed by computers before being fed back into the network. Examples of objects included in the internet of things network include brand phones, tablets, monitors, security cameras, and even wearable devices like fitness bands for example!

The office seems to be abuzz about this new concept called “The Internet of things.” Yes, chances are you’ve probably heard it before in different conversations or thought about what it might mean for both your job and the world around you. The smart home has come into existence thanks to this. Numerous predictions are floating around out there which include the disappearance of coffee mugs, keys, paper maps…well maybe not all of them! But it doesn’t stop here. Some even mention the possibility that when our workday is done, we won’t need smartphones or computers to communicate when 5G becomes the standard since we will already be connected through X Internet-connected devices at home and in our workplace!

Solutions Provided at Tektree

  • Real-time data collection.
  • Cost estimation and technical proficiency.
  • Improved manufacturing operations
  • Industry-level solutions

The Internet of Things is a collection of devices that are interrelated by networking capabilities. With IoT, we at Tektree, make it easy for people to communicate across numerous electronic gadgets with just the touch of their screen. It’s an exciting time for this industry!