Cloud Center of Excellence

Succeed In Cloud Adoption with A Trusted Partner and A Proven Strategy


Achieve continuous innovation and speed to market


Automate manual processes, increase productivity, and reduce costs


Increase visibility into your business needs and drive value for the enterprise

Cost Savings

Reduce technology debt and move from a CapEx to an OpEx consumption model

Boost Cloud Adoption with a Trusted Partner

We developed a standardised strategy for cloud services that we utilise to speed up your transition to the cloud as a result of our efforts to pay off technology debt, boost service agility, and enhance the overall user experience. Although technology is an important factor, the real challenge in transforming an organisation to use the cloud is to change corporate culture.

Due to the significant knowledge, TekTree is regarded as a reliable cloud counsellor when it comes to the cloud journey. We provide enterprise-wide cloud-supported transformation, high performance, secure workloads and data, and a movement in business culture toward the cloud

TekTree Cloud Center of Excellence

Tektree establishes a Cloud Center of Excellence (CoE) to assist businesses in accelerating the adoption of cloud technology and facilitating success. In order to meet organisational objectives, we endeavour to guarantee that cloud adoption, migration, and operations are successful. Our Cloud CoE oversees a methodical planning, carrying out, and operating procedure. Organizational irresolution prevents digital transformation without it. One of the main objectives of the CoE is to accomplish small-scope cloud victories rooted in an open-minded strategy, then scale those wins upward to promote cloud culture throughout the business and bring about enterprise-spanning change.

Upholding the Pillars of Cloud Success

TekTree cross-functional team of professionals develops and manages your cloud strategy, governance, and best practises. The remainder of the company can then make use of these resources to revolutionise the industry and embrace a future centred on the cloud.

Our Cloud CoE is focused on people, process, and technology. Planning, carrying out, and operating in the cloud are all centred on people. We create an enterprise perspective on cloud adoption by harmonising the technical and business points of view. We construct a standardised method for acquiring, transferring, and administering cloud services on the basis of this framework. Our specialists identify roles that connect to the cloud, map those duties to organisational segments and specific people, and make sure those people have the proper authority to carry out those roles.

Once the foundational components of a cloud strategy are in place, we continue it by providing ongoing training and education that enables your IT resources to make the most of the cloud.

The CoE closely collaborates with the company to build a highly agile IT organisation, which in turn aids the business in providing superior customer service. Enterprises benefit from a greater comprehension of cloud capabilities and responsibilities, appreciate the value of the cloud, and demonstrate a profitable return on investment for cloud efforts.

TekTree Cloud Center of Excellence

Steps to Cloud Success

Whatever stage you’re at in your cloud journey, TekTree cloud navigation approach can support the success of your project. Our offerings consist of:
  • Defining Scope. We identify the advantages of adopting the cloud and establish an understanding of your company’s demands. Priorities are established, the migration and adoption process is planned with assistance from our expertise, and ROI is to be codified.
  • Defining Objectives. We target the overall goal of your cloud adoption by defining objectives and assessing gaps.
  • Proposing Methodology. We outline the tools, best practices, leadership styles, governance frameworks, and resources that your company may use to transform its operations using the cloud.
  • CoE Design. We build the CoE to support cloud transformation in the most effective way possible by reducing inefficiencies, empowering governance, enhancing agility, achieving economy of scale, and removing redundant workloads and resources.
  • Roadmap Development. We create a transformation road map using the CoE technique. This might result in a proof of concept that shows the value of cloud transformation for shifting a modest resource to the cloud.