Cross train your team virtually

3 Tips to Successfully Cross-Train Your Team Virtually

How important is cross-training one’s team in a company? How can it be done effectively by virtual media while working remotely? Let’s see.

Even though the world is slowly getting itself free from the claws of Covid-19, there are many people and organizations which are opting for remote work for now. Remote work has its advantages but it has its share of disadvantages too. Communicating and cross-training are two major aspects that have proven to be the most difficult of all challenges.

Problems in cross-training result in disturbances while collaborating and this causes problems among employees too. Communication and teamwork are something more effective when done in an office setting but there are some tricks one could follow to make it work remotely also. 

Tips to Cross-train Your Team Virtually 

Access to All Necessary Platforms

Every piece of technology and every platform where one can communicate and share ideas is very important for cross-training employees. Having access to all of them and making use of them to their full potential should be helpful for employees and companies alike.

When you are in an office, you can manage to communicate with your team directly but that wouldn’t be the case when you are working remotely. Technology barriers are a big no-no when you train virtually. 

Interactivity and Feedbacks

Testing your employees out and making them interact with each other also is necessary while training them. Hands-on tasks need teamwork and effort that will come to fruition once there is a smooth dynamic between the team players.

While testing them is important, it is also significant to make them know that you are very much invested in teaching them. Collecting feedback and improving your methods of instructing will help you and your team to obtain the required results.

Practicing Right Ways to Train

Keeping your company’s culture in mind and cross-training your teams is a must. But one mustn’t forget to use the right medium, be it audio or video, to teach them steadily with practical examples.


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