How recruiting industry has changed over the years

Over the years, we have seen a major change in the recruitment industry. Not only has the internet and social media changed the way we apply for a job but the change is also witnessed in the different methods adopted by recruitment agencies to communicate to prospective applicants.

Here’s a look at how recruiting has transformed in the last decade

More competition for high talent

Although competition is not new in the job hunting and recruiting market, things are heating up due to globalization. These days, there is a huge demand for top talents who are highly educated individuals with a wide range of skills. The English language is also levelled with the native languages and it is also part of most education systems. Hence it crosses the language barrier and that way the market has opened up for all skilled individuals.

Top companies are ready to offer additional benefits to accommodate top talents, including convenient commute and competitive salary, etc. These benefits are an ideal opportunity to bring in qualified employees and ensure growth, but this would mean more competition from the standing point of job seekers. More competition for top talent is demanding a combination of new skills and constant education.


Technology is evolving and moving very fast. To stay ahead, both candidates and recruiters have to adjust to the job market that is changing very fast. Nowadays, the video interview is growing in popularity. This technology has proved to help recruiters save both time and money as they can communicate with candidates in real-time and that too without leaving their office.

Digital Shifts

In the past decade, there has been a big digital shift happening in the recruiting field. The changing trends in technology have helped save a lot of time and money for the recruitment industry and opened more opportunities. All these years, social media has been used recreationally but nowadays, social media has become almost a requirement for the recruitment industry. Social media is also playing a big role in candidate and client generation.

Employee’s expectations have changed

There were times when companies were able to attract top employees by simply paying an attractive salary. Although it still remains a big deal, there are many employees who expect more. The expectations include modern office, perks such as gym memberships, flexible work schedule, remote work etc.

Competitive salary does give companies a leg up on the competition but stopping only by giving a good salary may not be a good idea. To be competitive and to stand out in the market, companies must go beyond it.

Flexi Working

Flexi working has become a way of work. It is one of the most significant changes that one could see in working ways. Today more companies are adapting to this new way of work and it has turned out to be a major expectation for many candidates. Whether it is working from home, completing office work early to look after elderly parents or for childcare, people are particularly more than ever about when and where they can work. Companies that promote themselves with the Flexi work culture are able to attract more candidates.

Employee reviews

There were days when a prospective applicant was interested in a role, the applicant had to know a current or past employee at the company, to know more about the company’s work culture. But today, applicants have access to more information than ever before. There are employee review sites and social media platforms that provide ample information and employee reviews that make or break a job seeker’s likelihood of applying to an open role.


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