Top 5 Recruitment Strategies You Need to Know

Hiring the right talent will help your company grow. And finding top-notch talents for your organization has to be a continuous process that needs a lot of precision and planning. It’s about having a well-thought-out recruitment strategy that will bring in quality hires.

Well, here are 5 recruitment strategies that you need to know and that will help you attract top talent

Creating a unique brand for your company

If there is any strategy that will make you stand out from other companies and attract candidates on why they need to work with you, that will be your unique recruiting brand. Your brand should showcase your mission, vision, culture and values. One way of popularizing your brand is through social media, business pages and advertisements that are aligned to your unique brand.

Making good use of social media platforms

One of the best recruiting tools is social media. Using social media helps you share job postings to the entire network and communicate better with candidates. You can easily build your brand through social media as you start sharing videos and photos from your company events, your workplace. The social media activities of your company help your potential candidates an idea about your company

Utilising Mobile Platforms

Using mobile-based platforms for recruitment is one of the recruitment strategies you can utilize. Popular among millennials, it is easy for candidates to fill up the forms for an application and then upload a resume that helps them to showcase their experience and skills. These platforms are easy and convenient for applicants to apply for jobs and for the recruiters it is easy to accept job offers through it.

Making use of referral programmes

One of the best recruiting strategies is having your current employees in your network refer people who are looking for a job. Referral programs help you screen potential applicants before you interview them. Once your employee has recommended someone they already know with suitable work experiences, it will give you a level of confidence and security, knowing that this new applicant is worth your time. In case you decide to hire a stranger, then there is less certainty about a candidate’s work ethic and future work.

Innovate the recruitment process

We are in this change-hungry, disruptive environment where everything is trend-driven and innovating the recruitment process has become a priority. You need to adapt quickly to the ever-changing environment with the right technologies and processes. Organisations need to concentrate not only on finding the best and right strategies but also try reinventing and innovating their approach.

Data-driven recruitment

In data-driven recruitment, technologies and techniques are used to analyse a large talent pool so that candidates with proper skills and talent are identified to help organizations achieve their goals. It may take a lot of time to accumulate data, but forming quality of hire surveys and measuring other metrics provides the right information required to show where the best hires are. If the data-driven recruitment strategy is applied well, it also helps in finding the right employees who will correctly fit into the corporate culture and become strong team players.

The key to adopting the right recruitment strategies is to choose the ones that work harmoniously with your recruiting process. The strategies should add value every step of the way and at the same time remove the different friction points.


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