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Top 6 Rising Trends in Mobile App Development

Usefulness and influence aside, mobile app development has become an industry itself. It has become a source of income for some and a passion for working on for others in recent times. Like there are changes and upgrades in other professional fields, there are upgrades and trends that tell us new things about Mobile App Development and implementation also.

List of New Trends in Mobile App Development :

AI Dependent

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are no strangers to today’s technology. Not too long ago, they have made their place in mobile app development too. With their help, there has been a manifestation of voice assistants and chatbots, which are highly responsive now. But, creating an application may become more dependent on AI in the future for: 

  • Image and face detection
  • Text and sentiment classification
  • Speech recognition

Apps for Foldable Devices

Nowadays, flipping phones are making a comeback in the form of foldable smartphones. Apps for these devices must be up to their standards in the display, seamless navigation, resolution, speed, compression, and expansion of screen.  

It’s Chatbot Era

It’s all about communication and interactions in this world. It is a rising trend to develop mobile apps that have in-built chatbots that make the engagement between the brand and the customer easier. 

Augmented Reality Rules

Mobile apps integrated with Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) are certain to have a more effective response from the customers. The future is all about creativity, and making people experience something with visual representations is as creative as one could get.

5G Technology

5G technology has already become an integral advancement in networks and systems. It will make the world run in the coming years, but our devices should be ready to catch up to that. Speed and accuracy improvement is a game changer trend that will increase the functionality of the application.

Cloud-based Apps

Cloud computing integration in apps is nothing new; it has been a prevalent practice to use them to extend storage. But, it will become a trend for everyone to put in-built cloud storage in all mobile apps during development to increase efficiency.  


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