IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation

Faster processes and shorter client wait times – that’s the brilliance of AI-powered automation

What is IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation?

IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation is a modular set of integrated software components, built for any hybrid cloud, designed to automate work and accelerate business growth. This end-to-end automation platform helps you analyze workflows, design AI-infused apps with low-code tooling, assign tasks to bots and track performance.

With this offering, clients can transform fragmented workflows—achieving 97% straight-through processing—to stay competitive, boost efficiency and reduce operational costs.

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Automate different types of work

Simplify complex workflows, manual tasks, decision-making, data extraction, record management, document governance and compliance, and more.

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Gain deeper actionable insights

Use dashboards to identify issues and recommend steps for quick resolution and continuous improvement.

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Alleviate skill gaps

Use data to identify gaps, then build low-code and no-code apps with AI and deep technical expertise.

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Deploy anywhere

Gain the flexibility to deploy across any cloud managed by you or IBM as SaaS.

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